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Will Computers Ever Hear Like People Do?

Our phones and devices can understand what we say to them (most of the time) but what about other sounds? This video explores how computers are beginning to recognize dog barks, doorbells, waves on a beach, and more. Bonus video → https://g.co/go/NF12m


AudioSet (publicly available ontology + data set) → https://research.google.com/audioset//index.html

AudioSet Google Research blog post → https://research.googleblog.com/2017/03/announcing-audioset-dataset-for-audio.html

YouTube blog post about captions → https://youtube-eng.googleblog.com/2017/03/visualizing-sound-effects.html

Want to see more sound classification results? Here is a longer string out of results, prepared for us by Dan Ellis → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnqAb9KH9QY

Dick Lyon (Sound Understanding Team Lead at Google) is also author of “Human And Machine Hearing” if you’d like to read more → https://www.amazon.com/Human-Machine-Hearing-Extracting-Meaning/dp/1107007534

A little writeup about the anecohic chamber at Cooper Union that I visited → http://citylore-senseandthecity.blogspot.com/2017/05/sound-anechoic-chamber-at-cooper-union.html

Thanks to friends: Vibe Mountain for the excellent sounding music, Flies Collective for the solid sound recording and filming, Mixtape Club for the audio mix and sound design, Kyle Graffam for splicing together an audio/visual delight, and Walter Green for the graphics that are like music to my ears.

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