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voici comment nettoyer le colon pour perdre du ventre , maigrir très vite!

here is how to clean the colon to lose belly, lose weight quickly!
in this new video I will explain why and how in just three me you can definitively, radically change the trend, lose weight as ever, nothing that with aloe vera, and mimosa leaves, I will explain the dosage and use it all the time to be sure of it, and you will see that with determination you will be at your best.

I'm going to tell you something, even if we say that I accept my curves, I'm good in my skin, in my body, it's wrong my loves because when physically goes it stresses me so everything is better, we relativize more easily, you know, before I was very complexed by my weight because yes we do not lie XXXXL sizes, it's complicated it is very difficult to find something sexy, something cannon, something close to the body , something that will not go like that, who will put you like that, who will not go like a glove, because eh bah c is very very difficult, when one has curves, fat, rolls, one perspires quickly, we move with difficulty we are tired easily, we incontinences, girls who have a lot of weight, you know what I'm talking about, you are more easily subject to with, heart attacks, high cholesterol levels, in short there is many things, we sweat v Ne It is essential to have a clean colon, free of impurities. It is essential to lose weight and stay in good health. Indeed, you will see that a colonist in poor health is responsible for many disorders and one of the major consequences of a clogged colon is to grow. So you have to clean your intestines to lose weight!

First of all what is the colon
The colon is the part of the intestine-1.5 meters long-which forms, with the small intestine and the rectum, what is called the digestive system. More commonly, the colon is called: Big Intestine.
It is very important for the transit, since its role is to transform what remains of the food from the intestines (residues, waste, feces) and to make that all this is easily expulsable. This is where the intestinal flora (the microbiota), bacteria useful to our body to regulate it.
All this leads us to understand that having a healthy colon facilitates the elimination of the superfluous in our body, eliminates toxins and keeps only the essential elements in our body.
On the other hand, having a colon in poor health causes various disorders and pathologies, including weight gain.

There are several effective ways to clean your intestines to lose weight and to start on a healthy basis. Among the most effective methods, there are 3 methods that we applaud.
The young
Effective though a bit constraining, fasting allows the colon to be emptied in depth by evacuating waste without refilling it. It is recommended to have a young adult of maximum 36 hours, or a weekly fast which keeps his colon healthy. Fasting is a good solution before embarking on a slimming program, because you are on a healthy basis!
Probiotic foods

* Mimosa: It is a purgative, which helps fight against constipation. It must be known that being constipated, apart from the external inconveniences that this causes, is bad for the intestines. The harmful elements stagnate in your colon or place to be evacuated as soon as possible and they multiply. This allows them to come out quickly before they proliferate.
The colon cleansing
This method, more radical, is to perform an enema of your colon through the instillation of several liters of warm water in your colon. The elimination will then be done naturally and completely and your gut will be like new.
To use this method, you need equipment and a little know-how, and we recommend that you talk to your doctor before doing anything.

For this, take a bag of mimosa, and a sheet of aloe vera of 200 Gr, peel and cut, mix both in 3 liters of water
Wear ebulition
Then do a deep purge for at least 20 minutes, keep the product longer in you, and do this at least 4 times every month in addition to your diet
Mistakes not to commit to clean your gut to lose weight
During a detox, in order to find a healthy colon, there are some things to avoid absolutely.
* Consume proteins, fats ...