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Fixing the VW Polo 9n's Air Conditioning - Replacing the Resistor! | Pointless Polo Project

VW Polo 9n air conditioning only working on 4/full blast? Or maybe it's only working on one/two settings? As part of the Pointless Polo Project I learn (and simultaneously teach you) how to fix this issue. Turns out it's a very easy job, which can be completed by beginners, and with the correct tools only takes around half an hour!

Since I bought my 9n last September, I haven't been able to use settings 1-3 on the AC. After completing the fix in this video, it works perfectly, and was done just in time to take me to Norfolk for the week (during heatwave season here in the UK). If you're having a similar issue with your AC, this video should hopefully help you out.

To fix the AC I simply replaced the resistor/regulator that manages the different speed settings for the air conditioning. Worked perfectly - literally as good as new!

If you find the fixing videos boring I apologise - I have to do some car fixing before I can start my full project on the 9n!

Theoretically the general concept is the same for other similar cars like the Skoda Fabia, Seat Ibiza etc, but I'm not 100% sure on how they're set up so can't promise!

Major thank you and welcome to all the new subscribers - it's ridiculous how much support I've received recently. When I started editing this video I was on 232 subscribers, and at the time of writing I'm on 282, not even 4 hours later!

I really hope I can keep up some enjoyable content for you all to watch. I want to keep my channel as varied as possible - it's 'cars' with JB, not 'specific cars' with JB!

Thanks to all those who have been really supportive of the channel more recently, including P, Streetmodz, Ed, Max, Sasha, Louis, Jordan, Sam, Dub Engineer, Adam, Damian, Elliot, Donut and all the others!

Let me know if you like this format of video - a little bit more like Tavarish or someone, rather than my usual voiceovers.

Thank you very much for watching, remember to like, comment and subscribe for more content like this in the future.

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