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Sometimes, all it takes is one episode for a character etch a place in our hearts. We’re used to TV characters sticking around and taking us on a journey, so when we just get a tiny dose of them, it can be that much more special.

All ten of these characters featured in hugely popular shows already teeming with great regulars, yet still managed to shine. They’ve become a massive part of their show’s fandom, despite such a fleeting appearance.

It’s a testament to the character themselves and the actors behind them, but also to the shows as a whole. Not only that the writing could be so brilliant to create such a memorable character with such limited screen time, but also that the regulars are so malleable as to welcome in these brief cameos.

These are the sorts of characters are still talked about, long after their short appearance is over. Either because they had such a vital impact on the story, or just because they were such a scene stealing entertainer.

Either way, this ten prove you don’t need a huge amount of screen time to make a massive impact.